Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turks Head Knots And Water Bottles.

I was in a turks head kind of mood today, and decided to wrap the neck of my old Klean Kanteen, and the small detented area of my brand new Sigg bottle. Also i used old scrap paracord for the old bottle, and beand new military issue for the Sigg. Both are 3 lead 5 bight turksheads. In a twist, instead of tucking the standing and working ends inside the knot, I decided to go ahead and make small tassles out of both ends.

On the Sigg I did a lanyard knot, then used a two hole black bean cord lock on the strands. I did a simple blood knot on each strand to keep the cord lock from coming off.

On the Klean Kanteen I used two lanyard knots to finish it up.
I will post better pics tomorrow, my camera is charging. lol