Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moku Hitching handle wrap on a Bokken!

For those that don't know, a bokken is a traditional training katana made out of hardwood. Some are oak, some are ash, white ash is the most traditional wood used.

I decided to try a handle wrap on one of my old bokkens to see how it went. I decided to go with Moku hitching for the bulk of the wrap. I used a 1.5mm nylon cord for the moku hitching, as well as for the 3 lead 5 bight turks head knot at the fuchi kashira end (pommel end of handle) of the boken. I also used normal 550 paracord in foliage green for the 3 lead 5 bight turks head knot at the tsuba area (hilt area). The cord I used is not my first choice of cord or color. But it worked well for what I was doing. I would have prefered a cotton cord but nylon is what I had.

I have included links to a couple tutorials for these knots. On the Moku Hitching one it is a tutorial for half Moku hitching, but also has instructions for the full Moku Hitching.