Sunday, March 14, 2010

New and improved key keeper!

So I decided to try my key keeper another way. After thinking it over and deciding to use the same doubled cobra stitch I am going to use on my belt project, I really like the way these turned out! I used 1" snap hooks from Mil-Spec Monkey in coyote brown and foliage green. I used OD green and coyote on the one and OD green and foliage green on the other.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Second Diamond Braid

So after I showed my combatives instructor the first item I made with the diamond braid he thought i should make another item that could be used as a "flex" weapon. A flex weapon is just that, a flexible tool used for self defense. You can use a large bandanna, a small bit of rope or what not. So I made him a flex, about a foot and a half long, out of red and black 550 paracord.  I used the same method to start as i did on the choker, a doubled lanyard knot. And used the snake knot as before as a whipping. But after the whipping used another doubled lanyard knot to finish it. I added a snake knot as whipping around the starting end as well to give it uniformity. And as the first time I used a bit of black 550 paracord to go through the first lanyard knot so it could not collapse on itself, finished with a normal lanyard knot.

A small key fob on a whim.

I had a few object laying in the top tray of my paracord toolbox that I had yet found a use for. I had a small spring clip and a stone skull with a hole large enough to use with paracord. I'm not sure what the stone is, but it's red with black marbling. It may be Jasper, but I'm no geologist. So I did a simple Cobra stitch (Solomon bar) fob with the spring clip on one end and the skull on the other. I used foliage green paracord for this one. And I think that is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors of paracord.

First attempt at a diamond braid.

I recently made my first attempt at a diamond braid. I used black and tan 550 paracord and made a choker of sorts. I used a lanyard knot doubled up to start. To keep the knot from collapsing on itself i put a single strand of black 550 paracord through the loop, finishing it off with another lanyard knot. I then used the diamond braid to get it roughly the length I wanted. To end it I used a snake knot to whip the end. Leaving a loop to capture the lanyard knot in.