Monday, March 1, 2010

Second Diamond Braid

So after I showed my combatives instructor the first item I made with the diamond braid he thought i should make another item that could be used as a "flex" weapon. A flex weapon is just that, a flexible tool used for self defense. You can use a large bandanna, a small bit of rope or what not. So I made him a flex, about a foot and a half long, out of red and black 550 paracord.  I used the same method to start as i did on the choker, a doubled lanyard knot. And used the snake knot as before as a whipping. But after the whipping used another doubled lanyard knot to finish it. I added a snake knot as whipping around the starting end as well to give it uniformity. And as the first time I used a bit of black 550 paracord to go through the first lanyard knot so it could not collapse on itself, finished with a normal lanyard knot.