Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paracord Knife Handle Wrap.

I have a CRKT Stiff K.I.S.S. knife that I have wrapped the handle in a two strand figure 8 weave. I used OD green and coyote brown. Finished the knife off with two lanyard knots.

Pracord Key Keeper.

So I decided to sacrifice my long used, and well worn Maxpedition key keeper to make a paracord one. I used about 12 feet of black 550 for the king cobra stitch. I used a small anount of foliage green 550 for the center of the stitch. The style of snap hook I used can be found in a lot of places. Mil-Spec Monkey is one of the best, not to mention they have them in coyote and foliage green.
Finished product. Also visible is my little skull bead snake knot key fob.

The original. These are great and worth every penny, but why not have one made of paracord?
here is the start with foliage green 550.
Here is the second and main color.
Finished product!

My New Belt Project.

So I sat down yesterday and figured out my foot per inch for a new belt. I'm using a side by side cobra stitch woven together. It is still about a foot per inch, I am doing it using four strands doubled over around a buckle. With my waist the belt shoud contain around 160' of cord divided into four sections when all is said and done. I am going to preview my idea here in a small 5" section. I'm not sure what color combo I'm going to do the actual belt in.

Here is a 5 inch section, done around a pen body.

Here it is with a buckle to show just how nice it is going to be when finished.

Monkey Fist Lanyard

I make a lot of monkey fist self defense tools. I make them as discreet carry bracelets, and long flails and as I will show here as lanyards. You could use this for a knife lanyard, or attach it to your keys or what not. Like most of my monkey fists, this one contains a 5/8" stainless steel ball bearing.

Here we have it as a lanyrad on my trusty Cold Steel AK-47

Here it is on my key chain. Also visible is my two bight turks head key fob.

This is an older photo, of the same lanyard minus the skull bead on one of my nicer carabiners.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes I sell my items, actually I like to sell them.

I do have to admit this is a hobby, more like an obsession, but I do sell my projects. I sell them at siminars I work at, at gun shows, and I now sell them on my ebay. I don't expect to get rich, or do anything that has never been done. But I hope that my paracord habit will pay for itself.

A sample of bracelets I have made.

Here are a few styles of bracelet I have made.

From left to right, a simple three pass weave, a round crown sinnet, double cobra stitch (not happy with this one, will remake another), single cobra stitch, another single cobra stitch and a chain sinnet.

King Cobra Stitch Monkey Fist Bracelet.

I make a few self defense items with monkey fists. This is one variation I make with a king cobra stitch. This one happens to be three colors of paracord. I used desert tan, coyote brown and OD green. This can be worn as a bracelet and used as a flail in a sekf defense situation.

I used one color for the monkey fist, leaving two strands to be used as the center of the cobra stitch. A lanyard knot was used to finish the end. then one pass with another color for the cobra stitch and another for the king cobra stitch.

Two Bight Turkshead Wrap.

I did a two bight turks head wrap on my Streamlight Stylus Pro. This is the best $20 bucks I ever spent. A 25 lumens light in a small every day carry flashlight. And after the turkshead wrap it sits perfect in my pocket.

I think the best tutorial for turkshead knots is Stormdrane's video tutorial. It is the easiest tutorial I have seen for turks heads. He also has tutorials on other knots. Check out his blog to see his projects and tutorials.

My newest toy!

I just bought a Kershaw Cyclone assisted open pocket knife. I put on a snake knot lanyard with a lanyard knot and a skull bead.

Kershaw Cyclone Serrated Black Blade Knife


This is my first post on my new blog. I will be sharing my hobbies and passions on thi blog. Most of it will be about my paraord and knotting obsession. But I will also be sharing thngs about my combatives training, tactical trainig, and other things related to these things. I hope you all enjoy my posts!