Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keen Edge Training Knives

I am an assistant instructor for R.A.V.E.N. Tactical Systems Colorado, a division of R.A.V.E.N. Tactical Systems International. I'm also the International Quartermaster. SO one of my duties as such is to find quality training supplies and good EDC knives. In my search for a quality training knife at a great price I came upon Keen Edge Knives! Keen Edge Knives is local here in Colorado, a family business with one goal, make quality training knives and live blades. I personally think they make the best training blades I have ever used. If you are involved in a knife based martial art or a modern combatives I am willing to bet you have already seen or know of Keen Edge Knives.

We partnered with Keen Edge to produce our training blades and live blades for R.A.V.E.N. Tactical Systems International. We have designed two blades that are currently in production, The RAVEN Operator and the RAVEN Guardian. Both knives are a specific design to fit what we feel are needed in a good knife. One for operators such as military, the other for EDC and for back up for Police and Security professionals.

On the top is the RAVEN Operator, it's a combat sized blade in the just under 6" category. The bottom is the RAVEN Guardian, it's a 3" blade that is legal to carry in most areas. Both have a long handle with a large guard and a deep return. This allows you to choke out on the handle and still retain grip while giving you more range with the blade.

When I was asked by Keen Edge to find a way to wrap their handles with a two color scheme, I gladly accepted. They already use a very familiar knot to do their handle wraps. It's the basic cobra knot, made from a single length of paracord. The best way I found to use two lengths was to use a hole in the handle about three inches from the guard. I melted two strands together and took them back up the handle to another hole right below the guard. then did a normal cobra knot with the two colors. This accomplished two things. It got two colors on the handle, and made the grip a bit thicker where the two strands returned up the handle under the cobra knot.

Here is the handle I wrapped for them as an example. This is one of their most popular designs. The P3 or tactical folder. As you can see they also make good kydex sheaths for their blades, both live and training.